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Monday, April 19, 2010

NKOTB Stalking OR taking advantage of living close to LA

Last week NKOTB let us all know they were rehearsing! YIPPEE It is super exciting knowing they are rehearsing for the upcoming "Non Tour" Or "CasiNO tour" Well I live about an hour and a half from where they rehearse and all week knowing they were so close yet so far away was killing me! Last week I had a bunch of meetings and interviews planned but the more I thought about it the more I knew I needed to go! So I had my assistant reschedule all my stuff and clear my schedule Friday afternoon. After all that was done I talked with Malina and Jaime and it looked like it was all working out to head down to LA. So we did!

I didn't sleep at all Thursday night and was silly giddy on Friday! I drove down with Malina, Hailey, Jaime and Melissa and we had a great time driving down being silly together! We purchased cupcakes for the guys and our next stop was rehearsal spot.

We got there around 2:45ish - 3:00 there were less than 20 people there. Hung out and just waited. After about an hour of being there 5 chairs left the studio. I have never been so excited to see chairs before!

Who knows the timeline at this point.. but we saw Joe, Jon and Sunny walk out and stand by a car. We just watched. Hailey yelled "Joe" and he yelled back "Yo!" it was super cute! Then we see Danny drive out. He stopped and chatted with us for a while. He didn't get out of the car but stopped and chatted. He signed a picture I gave him, I asked him if he ate a cupcake he said "Do you think I ate a cupcake?" then I said "Cruise Control" he said "I'm always on cruise control" Another not so positive interaction with Danny, but I am hopeful one day I will. I am not so sure what happened to me but sitting there chatting with Danny made me SO nervous. I tried to take a picture of him and all I got was the leather seat. Seriously I was shaking. I can get up in front of a crowd of 500 and be perfectly fine but when I am in front the the New Kids I get really nervous. Joe drove up, and Danny looked in his rear view mirror and said "Oh look its Joe's turn" said good bye and drove away.

Joe drove up and I just melted. He is such a cute man to look at. He had his top down, stopped and chatted. I seriously felt like it was just Joe and I again. (refer to Seattle Screening for the last time I felt like it was just Joe and I in the room) I had lost all sense of anyone around us. I had asked him to sign my Mac Pac and he said sure, so I walked up closer to his car and all my nerves went away! I said can you sign it with my name, he asked my name, I said Angela and he wrote "To Angela, Love Joe McIntyre" I just about died! I said thank you, he said no problem and then I kinda stepped away from his car watched as others got autographs and pictures and realized i didn't want to be a Joe hog but I wanted a pic with him, so I asked for one he said sure.. got a great pic with him. Things I remember, Asking if he had a cupcake, he said yes a mocha. Asked if he was ready for the cruise, there was no answer as he was taking a pic with someone. And really the rest of it I don't remember at all. (Later thinking about it though, there was no mocha cupcakes in the box, but he was nice to humor me thinking he ate one)

Then Jon drove by and did a quick wave and turned, then Donnie came. He stopped for a bit and chatted. He had said if he knew we were all out there he would have come out sooner. He took some pics, signed some things. Said he needed to get home and if we came back tomorrow he would take more pictures with us. He was very friendly as always! View the video for everything.

Behind Donnie was Jordan, and he just did a quick drive by and wave!

Ekkk it really was a perfect day! Great friends and amazing New Kids! Thanks Malina, Hailey, Jaime and Melissa for wanting to share this adventure with me! ;-) XOXOX

Some say its stalking.. but really I feel that most New Kids fans would do it as well if they were in the area!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bad Blogger

I just realized I never finished my blog about Seattle! Note to self to work on that!!! I need my internet up and running at my NEW PLACE! That's right in my own apartment! I just moved and I am loving every moment of my own space! I am kicking myself for not moving out sooner! So much heartache could have been avoided! Owell lesson learned! I literally had the movers walking out of the house at 5:05 and I picked up a friend at 5:30 for a weekend party at my house. Thats how I roll! I love entertaining and it was great to have them over the first weekend in my new place. We had a Coming Home DVD party. There were 11 of us total and we were very cozy in my new place! Right now there are tons of boxes everywhere though. I must get organized! Now that everything is in my house I can start to put things away!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So one week ago I went to Seattle to the screening of NKOTB's DVD Coming Home. Heres the story:

NKOTB announced they would be doing 3 screenings for their new DVD Coming Home. The voting began, when I went on the site Goleta came up as the place to vote for, however I changed my vote to Seattle. Then I thought well maybe I should vote for LA as well, just cuz. So I had two votes in, one for Seattle and one for LA. Well the voting ended and Seattle had one. I was sitting in a construction meeting and had to run out of the meeting to call my sister to tell her to enter the email to get a screening ticket. I then went back into my meeting, and tried to email but my hands were shaking, I walked out of the room, I was just too excited, so I called Crystal to get excited with her! Then I entered my email for a screening ticket. That afternoon a second show to RCMH was announced and really had no idea I was even in a construction meeting at that point. I lost all control. I was texting Ann to see if I wanted to do five star in NYC. And well I said yes. So I had woken up that morning, excited about who was going to be chosen for the screening and had said NO to going to NYC for a NKOTB concert. Well around 1 that day I was so excited for Seattle Screening and had gotten a Five Star spot for the NYC show. It was a wonderful NKOTB day! Then around five my sister got her email, and all my wawoogirl started getting their emails. They had gotten a spot in the screening. I waited until six to leave work, hoping for my email. I checked flights from Santa Barbara to Seattle, they were only three hundred dollars. So I thought well if I get my email I could totally fly there. Well no email for me on Friday, no email on Saturday, no email on Sunday. At that point, I thought, its a lost cause. Im at work early on Monday morning, doing my usual Monday routine, when I go to check my email, and about fifteen emails up I see SEATTLE SCREENING as a sender. I thought, umm what is this???, I go to read it, the first words CONGRATULATIONS!!! Umm at that point I stopped reading and just jumped up in my office and was determined to figure out how to get there. I tweeted I had gotten a ticket, looked at prices and thought, WOW for five hundred dollars there is NO way I can go to Seattle for an evening. Tweeted again, that prices were too high. Then I thought, well if my boss gives me permission I have to figure out a way. Next hurdle asking my boss. Mind you I have a really important job at a school, so on a school day there was really no way I could miss. Well I called her and she was so excited for me, and gave me permission to be gone! There you have it! I knew I was going at that point. Got back on twitter and had a couple DM's from janine who had found me a CHEAP Flight from Orange County. I looked at some from LA and it was by far the cheapest. I booked my ticket and knew I would be seeing NKOTB the next day!

I was so excited the rest of the day! Went home and packed and went to sleep (ha right, I didn't really sleep I was too excited) as my flight was at 6 am from Orange County. I got up at 1 in the morning, got ready to go, and left my house at 2 am. Drive down to Orange County, had plenty of time to get there and get ready for my flight. My flight left flew into SLC (mind you I took the most round about way to get to Seattle) left from SLC and flew into SEA. Alycia and Stacey picked me up from the airport, we did a couple of airport drive bys as we knew the guys were headed in around the same time. No luck so we headed to Marilyn's house. Got there and started getting ready, Marilyn got home from work, and I was communicating with Andrea and Christina and they said HURRY get to the theatre, so as soon as Crystal got to Marilyn's house we were out the door! It was so great to hug, my sister, Alycia, Stacey and Crystal. I love those girls! Headed to the theatre were there were about 50 girls already in line. Found Andrea and gave her a big hug, then got to meet Chrsitina. Twitter really has given me a chance to meet some of the most amazing women! Then I saw all the rest of the WAWOOGIRLS and gave them all great big hugs. I would move to Seattle in a heartbeat if I didn't love my job here so much. It was so good to be surrounded by such amazing women! At this point its like almost 3 and I realize that I haven't eaten much that day. We order a pizza, and Crystal and I go and pick it up then the 5 of us are sitting on the floor outside this movie theatre eating pizza laughing and waiting for NKOTB to show up. The line was really fun, great times with the girls, I stood by an outlet a lot to charge my phone. The line started moving, we were FINALLY inside the theater. Theatre 12 with the Coming Home flashing! This was really happening! The line inside started moving so we could sit in the theatre. We got in the theatre sat behind all the WaWoogirls, then moved to a seat in the bottom section of the theatre. NKOTB music was playing we were dancing and just waiting. I found another plug in the hallway. All the girls were in the theatre, then Jared walked by and said, que the music, Full Service is when the guys will come in. I ran and told the Wawoogirls, and headed to my seat! Full Service started everyone was up dancing, then they all started walking in. I was in the aisle so I could see the coming up the hallway. I was screaming so loud! There they were right in front of us!!!! First words SEATTLE from Donnie. More screaming. we literally were standing right behind them! Then I think Danny noticed Andreas sign and Andrea had ANOTHER mistletoe magic moment with Jordan and I was so excited for her! Chaos was everywhere! Finally order happened and everyone took their seats. The guys sat in the reserved seats, (by the way Marilyn wanted to go and sit by them, and as we went to go sit by the reserved seats, others had just gotten there, but our seats were great)
So the DVD started and everyone just screamed! The guys made sure to make comments during the whole movie. It was awesome. Joey was talking about some "serious" in the movie and he yells out "Bullshit" another part Jordan talks about his wasn't in shape when they first got back together then he stands up and says "But look at me know" Jordan, Joey and Donnie would get up and dance while the music was playing, Jon just sat there the whole time, eating his popcorn, and well Danny he sat one seat away from Jon.

(Ill write more soon...gotta work... and my keyboard is going crazy.. more about this, our girls weekend and my move!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Kids on the Block in Boston

I feel extremely lucky to have been able to go to Boston for the New Kids on the Block Christmas show in Boston! Writing this gives me chills remembering the moments! Im just going to write.. all this might not be in clear sentences...but here goes!

When NKOTB announced a show in Boston around Christmas I knew I wanted to go. I had never been to Boston, and I knew I had to go! So we were lucky somehow and got pre-sale tickets. I guess they only sold 200 pre-sale tickets and we got them. Then there was news that those tickets might not be valid and my heart sunk, however it turns out NKOTB was going to honer them! YIPPEE! I had a "free" flight that I didn't use in September to go to Boston, so I had transfered that ticket for this trip. I have my ticket, plane ticket everything! I was all set and ready to go with excitement!

Leading up to the weekend of the concert, it was an extremely busy time for me and I could hardly stay focused because all I thought of was the NKOTB show! Well Friday our last day of school before break, the weather on the east coast turned for the worst! I ran over to the airport to see if I could get on an earlier flight! Well it turns out I got to change my seat and I got the LAST seat available! I was really lucky! Not only did I get an earlier flight, but I got a better flight. Originally I was to fly over night, and fly into Providence then drive over to Boston. My new flight flew me directly into Boston! Which worked out for many reasons, one including I forgot my diver's license, so I wouldn't have been able to rent a car in Providence to drive into Boston. (Yes dumb move on my part) But I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason! So thankfully I had changed my flight to an earlier flight because when my flight took off at 1:30 pm on Saturday from SFO, it was the last plane to fly east until the next morning. I got into Boston and boy was it cold, got a taxi to the hotel, threw my stuff down and headed to the club to meet some of my friends and see Young Q perform! It was so fun walking into the club and seeing so many faces I knew from Twitter. I had never meet many of them but we all recognized each other! We stayed till the club closed, and we walked out, everything was white! Again, another reason I am thankful I forgot my license! It was a fun night! Ann and I tried to get a cab, however many of them were not running because of the snow so like crazies.. we walked home. It took us about 15 minutes, but it was a long 15 minutes cuz it snowed the entire time!!! It took a while to fall asleep, partly cuz I think I was frozen and I was just so excited for the NKOTB concert!

Sunday morning we wake up, and I had meet more blockheads in the lobby, we went to lunch and it was my crazy idea to head to the venue at 3:30 when the doors didn't open till 7. Here is where the amazing story beginnings!

So the girls I was with thought I was really crazy for wanting to get to the venue so early, but I said who cares, I will freeze but I want to be in the front for the show! So we got in a van to drive us over to the venue. We get to the venue and Donnie is outside, however they won't let us out of the van because they thought we were part of the band, and they wanted Donnie to have his moment. Finally they let us out of the van and I got a hug from Donnie! EKKK! So then the line starts! There were 3 different lines forming. So I asked the gentleman who was manning the lines, which one I needed to be in. There was one for the people who showed up early and got wristbands, one line for people going to eat at the restaurant and one line for general admission. So we were "first" in that line. I asked the guy how all the lines worked. He said well those with wrist bands will be "first" so I said I want to be right after them. He said I would need to go into the store buy $15.00 worth of merchandise to get in line after them. So I thought, okay so I will be about 50 girls back, thats not bad! So I went in bought my dad a Boston hat, and the gentleman was waiting for me outside when I returned outside. He asked me if I had my ticket, I showed it to him and he said "follow me" so I did! I got RIGHT behind him, and we walked, we walked past the wrist band line and kept walking, then he opened a door, and all I saw was a big board in-front of us, we walked in-front of that board, and there we were INSIDE the House of Blues and on the stage I could see Donnie and Jordan and I just about freaked out! I kept following him, till we were in the center of the floor of the House of Blues when he turned to me and said "have fun" and shooed me away. I stood there like WHAT THE F! just happened. I looked around and I was in the middle of the House of Blues standing in front of Jordan and Donnie! It was unreal! I then noticed that my friend Andrea was also in there and she was looking at me like how did you get in? I went over to her group and I was in so much shock I don't remember what I said! I just stood there with them for a bit, then I noticed my phone was ringing and the door I had just entered was still opened. On the phone was Ann the girl I had come with. She was wondering what I was doing, and she had followed us to the door, I saw her and pulled her inside, and at that point they closed the door and we were INSIDE the feakin house of blues watching Donnie and Jordan! It was unreal!!! Danny and Jon came down and talked to us. I asked Danny how his girls liked school, and he looked at me like I was crazy, but thats okay! Jon and I talked about the snow, his truck and I don't remember what else!

Different parts of Sound Check I remember
* I saw Joey up on stage, he was hiding then came out and practiced Oh Holy Night and I about died! I walked over to wear he was practicing and just stood there!
*Jordan was funny he stood with his mic and a sheet of paper and said "Listen up I have a serious message.. "then would read through the lines of this ones for our children
* Snow feel and we were all in shock, and Donnie said SHH don't tell our surprises!
* New Edition came out and practiced a song with them.
*When we spotted Joey for the first time, Donnie ran over to us and said SHHH don't say anything about Joey being here so we thought it was going to be a surprise during the show
*Donnie leading the show, letting everyone know where they needed to be.

It was unreal, I remember thinking oh my gosh they are right there, but I wanted to play it all cool as well! I chatted with the girls and laughed and watched. It truly was a very lucky moment! And this is all before the show even starts! When the show starts, I remember thinking how lucky I was... I was right in the front! It was such a fun concert! They were really in the Christmas spirit and it was so fun!!!! I can't stop watching my videos from the concert! An amazing experience!!!

Christmas Surprise

This Christmas was the best EVER! On Christmas Eve my brother and I drove home, went to church with my parents and my aunts family. Then we all headed over to my aunt Yolanda's house for Christmas Eve Dinner! It was really fun. We played Wii, my mom even played which if any of you know my mom.. she hates tv and anything that comes along with it. Well she loved Wii! That will be my next gift to her! It was a fun night with family!!

On Christmas morning we woke up and the first thing I did was call my sister to wish her a very Merry Christmas! I got a text back, saying "getting in the shower we will call you from the road" Not thinking anything of it. Then by the time everyone was awake we make Hot Chocolate and sat by the Christmas tree, our usual Christmas morning routine. We thought for a minute, should we open Marilyn and Travis' gifts first or wait until we could talk to them to open them. Well we opened them first in usual Bolea style, one person opening at a time and everyone watching. We then opened a couple other gifts and wanted to take a "break" so we won't push through opening them all at once. So Mom and Bert went into the kitchen, dad and I were looking at some of our gifts, and we hear "good morning" coming from the kitchen.. it was Marilyn and Travis.. we all ran into the kitchen and looked at each other cried and hugged (i'm crying writing this.. just remembering the joy i felt at that moment!) It truly was an amazing surprise! This year has been full of amazing moments for me, but that moment by far was my favorite. The moment of holding each other, crying, celebrating knowing one of the major reasons for Christmas is being together. That was the best gift I received this year!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December is here

I love December!
I love Christmas Cards!
I love decorating!
I love making Christmas cookies!
I love seeing the Christmas lights!
I love the music!
I love the chill in the air!
I love the season of giving!
I love the season of celebrating Jesus' birth!
I love it all!!


There is so much to be thankful for! My Thanksgiving was wonderful! I spend Thanksgiving up at my parents! It was quite as Bert, Marilyn or Travis were not there. The day started with the Macy's Day Parade, then we went to breakfast with my aunt Alma then the three of us went to my aunts Yolandas house and ate all the fixings that come along with Thanksgiving! It was an amazing meal and great company. The day after Thanksgiving my aunt Alma and I hit the stores at 5am! The lines defeated us though as we didn't want to stand in the long line to save a buck! We did have some luck with some lines and managed to get some great things! Friday evening we went to dinner at the Whaling Station and had another feast. There's more to just eating and shopping on Thanksgiving though! It about being together and celebrating together! I really wanta figure out a way that we can all celebrate and give thanks together!

Things I am thankful for:
my job
Creative moments
scarfs on a cold day
the list goes on and on....